MAY 5-8, 2019

Nashville, TN

Location + Dates


What better location to host Focus Workshop than Nashville, Tennessee!

We love this location because we'll have a variety of gorgeous locations for shooting, easy travel in and out of Nashville via Nashville International Airport, Music City, U.S.A. and a modern hotel that we're stoked about!

The workshop is May 6-7, 2019 with people arriving on May 5 and departing May 8.



For our workshop, we will be hosting this at the Fairlane Hotel in downtown Nashville!

This hotel is in the heart of downtown Nashville, the country music capital of the world. The Fairlane Hotel offers spectacular suites, a cafe downstairs, delicatessen and a bar and grill with warm southern hospitality and wrap around views on the outdoor terrace. While we'll mainly be working, these are always great added perks to have if you'd like to extend your stay!

The group rate for the hotel is $269 a night. If you prefer to have a roommate to split the cost with, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you'll be able to arrange this. There is a maximum of two individuals per room and queen rooms are limited!

To check out the hotel website, click here!

Travel logistics


To get to Nashville, we recommend flying into Nashville International Airport (BNA). This is close to the hotel and you can easily get their via rental car, taxi or rideshare (Uber/Lyft).

For getting to shoots, there will be groups where you can easily split an Uber/Lyft or taxi if you do not have a rental. The locations for our shoots will be relatively close to the hotel!